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The Winter Blues

We know the winter blues are in full effect nowadays. Between the snow, lack of sunlight, and cold weather, it seems like winter is never going to end. But there is good news!! Daylight Savings is three weeks away, which means more daylight and warmer weather is right around the corner. The winter can cause many problems like depression, vitamin D deficiency, sleepiness, weight gain, and more. So KM Fitness and Nutrition is here to help!

First, we recommend moving as much as you can. Exercise is known to help boost your energy, improve your mood, promote better sleep, combat health issues & diseases, increase confidence, and so much more. So come to as many in-person or zoom classes as you can. Second, we recommend eating well. Now, this doesn’t mean entirely and utterly restricting yourself, saying ‘no’ to all the good tasting foods in the world, or even “going on a diet.” What we mean is mainly eating whole foods, limiting your added sugar and alcohol consumption, (more than likely) increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption, choosing whole grains rather than ultra-processed foods, eating lean meats, choosing grass-fed or local beef options, eating low-fat dairy products, and eating a full range of legumes, lentils, and nuts. Remember, keep your plate colorful.

We understand winter is challenging, fruits and vegetables are not in season, and going to the grocery store to shop around during COVID times may not be possible. So we’ve decided to give you some websites and recipes that will help you keep the spark alive when it comes to your meal choices. Enjoy and let us know which you’ve tried and how you liked them.

The Kitchen Whisperer:

Stay fit Mom:

Disclaimer: KM Fitness and Nutrition does not own the rights to any recipes listed above. If you plan to post on anything, please acknowledge the original website and owners of the sites. Thank you!

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I will be adding the Thai-Style Shrimp Lettuce Wraps to my list!

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