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Postpartum Secrets

Hi everyone, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Colleen Mimnaugh, and I am the co-owner of KM Fitness and Nutrition. I want to take this time to take you through some of my recent health journies. Pictured above is me pre-Evelyn, 1-week pp, and now 20 weeks pp. Are you ready for me to tell you all my pp secrets? 🤫 Here they are….there are none. Every single woman recovers differently and at their own pace. There is no "I need to get my body back." It was mine pre-babies, mine when I grew two tiny humans for 9(+) months (at separate times), and it's still mine, just changing like it did pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and pp. Here are my two cents on it all…STOP judging pp moms. Mom loses weight quickly; they get judged; mom doesn't lose it quickly; they get judged. Holy shit, keep your mouth shut and focus on you because I DOUBT they asked for your opinion. I hear a lot "lucky you're young." Now I know it's a harmless comment, but when I hear that, I think yeah, and I worked my butt off, eat well, sleep well, and manage stress pretty well. But young is the only thing that gets the credit…hmm.

Here I am, full transparency, picture 1 I weighed 152lb; it was right before the Philadelphia marathon. I was running a ton and not lifting often to be fully prepared for the race. When I got pregnant with Evie, I weighed 162lb, ran very little, and lifted a lot. Picture 2 I was 1-week pp and weighed around 180lb, and now I'm 20 weeks pp and weigh 159lb. All photographs and weights were healthy during my phase of life. I eat well and work freaking hard. I lift 5 days a week, run 1-2x per week (because I like it), and stretch a ton. I prepare my food, I track it, weigh it, and eat eat eat it!! I don't deprive myself of sweets, alcohol, or other goodies, but I do only eat and drink moderately or not often. I think about food/exercise a lot, but to be honest, it's what I do for a living, so I think about it for others and myself. You NEED to think about food to eat right. Stop saying I just don't want to think about it. And start being honest with yourself, which it's probably you not wanting to face some of your bad habits and start creating newer, healthier ones. Eating right and exercising may not be easy. It can be time-consuming and can make you stressed at first, but geez, does it make you feel freaking awesome! Everyone is on a different journey, so be kind to everyone, give yourself grace and an ass-kicking when you need it, and be disciplined, especially when you're not motivated. Be happy, healthy, proud, and most importantly, eat well, move well, sleep well, and live well.

Much love, Colleen

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