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Have you ever thought about what makes you thrive? For me, it’s a combination of things. Some of them are eating healthy, exercise, making challenging goals to achieve over a year or couple of months, rest, good sleep, healthy and wholesome relationships, conversation, reading, and so much more. So why am I telling you this? Well, I believe for everyone, two important components of thriving are eating well and movement. Again, there are many more components to thriving, and they are different for all, but I believe these two are pretty stable for all. Working in the weight loss industry for several years and now owning my own nutrition company, I’ve noticed most people who came there and now go to me generally say the same couple of things “I just don’t want to think about food,” “can’t you just tell me what to eat and when to eat it,” “I want to lose weight fast but also want something sustainable that I’m not starving on,” “I don’t want to do something I have to do a lot of work with,” “can’t you give me more convenient foods,” and so on. I can't help but think, why don't we want to put in the work on something that will help us live a thriving & healthy life? We put in the work at our jobs, in our relationships, going out and socializing, sleeping, maybe exercise, tv shows, school, etc. but putting in the work to eat healthily, educate ourselves on food and what’s healthy for our bodies is crazy. Now I don’t know what you think, but to me, this seems ridiculous. If you want to thrive, feel good, and be healthy, then learn about food, what you’re putting in your body and why, how much is an appropriate amount, and more, and I think you’ll be much better off. Stop looking for quick fixes, stop saying I want fast weight loss and sustainability in one program, stop looking for easy, stop doing fad diets, stop starving yourself, and stop looking at the scale for gratification. And start asking questions, hire a nutrition professional who cares about your health first, take advice from nutrition professionals, spend time in your kitchen, take time at the grocery store, prioritize healthy eating, and DO THE WORK.

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