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KM Fitness and Nutrition, LLC is a fitness and nutrition studio located in Perkasie, PA. Our goal is to help empower you to be happy, healthy & well balanced.

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Colleen & Kristin

KM Fitness and Nutrition LLC is owned and run by two sister-in-laws Colleen and Kristin. Colleen is a Nutritionist with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and an M.S. in Community Nutrition who specializes in nutritional therapy and dietary education. She is also a NASM-CPT. Kristin is a NASM-CPT and a Certified Nutrition Consultant. We are committed to forming relationships with clients who are looking to learn and commit to a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. KM Fitness and Nutrition LLC is here to improve their clients' quality of life, so get in touch to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle.


What They’re Saying


I have been personal training with Colleen for about 3 months.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable of her craft and able to customize workouts. She is always pulling something out of her bag of tricks. Her friendly, motivational, deceptively easygoing personality will have you working harder than you thought possible. I look forward to every workout with Colleen. I am gaining strength, confidence and can feel the changes in my body after each week. She’s a game-changer in my fitness - and life.

Kelly Doughty


During the pandemic, I started having some lower back pain while working out because my form was out
of whack, and I felt like I had lost a good bit of strength because of not being able to do in-person
classes. I approached Colleen about signing up for a personal training session so that we could work
together to work on my form and strength. Well, that one session has turned into a year of sessions and
I don’t see them ending. I feel so much better, and my strength has gotten better.
Colleen will work to your ability to start but push you to do better. She will make sure your form is
correct so that you avoid injury.
I like to say Colleen has an endless bag of “tricks”; she is always coming up with different ways to keep
the workouts fresh. Personal training is an investment…an investment in myself.

Donna Barnish


Kristin provides a comfortable judgment-free workout suited to your own needs and goals, with just the right amount of push and motivation to obtain them.

Enid Swinson


I have been working with Kristin and Colleen (KM fitness and nutrition) for approximately 6+ years as a personal training client and fitness class participant.  Before Kristin and Colleen became an integral part of my activity life, I had (3)  simultaneous gym memberships to achieve the diverse training methods I was seeking.  With KM fitness, I have found my active lifestyle "home."

Kristin and Colleen are passionate about fitness and nutrition, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm they bring to every session, whether a class or a PT session. The results I received are largely due to their ideal combination of diverse training methods, Individualized approach & challenging yet achievable goal setting, pushing me past my perceived limits. Their extensive knowledge and commitment to their clients provide the perfect scenario.  Kristin and Colleen work with the whole person ----mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because of them being in my corner (even when I want to eat a pint of ice cream and sleep late), I am mentally and physically stronger,  more flexible, have better balance, and can run further than when I was in my 30's and most importantly it's has become a lifestyle that is FUN!

I recommend these girls without any reservation if you are serious about changing your life for the better and adopting a healthier lifestyle!  Keep in mind; however, they provide you the greatest gift to support you on your health journey. It's incumbent upon you to follow their advice! There is no magic bullet!!

Lisa Davis-59 years young...thanks to KM

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"Eat better 
not less"

Upcoming Events

Personal Training Progress

This is a personal training client, Donna Barnish. She has made great progress and this video proves it. Here she is doing lat pulldowns. Look at those back muscles!!


Our clients having fun in kickboxing class!


Get in touch today to schedule an initial consultation with KM Fitness and Nutrition LLC.

613 W. Market St. Perkasie PA 18944

Colleen: 267-629-9624 Kristin: 267-897-5804

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